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How to place order shanghai top view


How to place order shanghai top view

to check the item description and our webite at first.
introduce yourself or your company,if you have more detailed website 
we will pay more attention to this enquiry.

ask questions about the items which you are interested in,we will send you all usefull information.

3.confirm you have a company and tax ID in your country,if personal buyer it also need tax ID.we will let you know if your country can import made in CHINA items,or it have special rules and restict.

4.after that you can confirm the order's model and quantity .we will confirm with you the best price as we can.

5.discuss the shipping method: by sea ,by air to air port,by fast express to door(DHL TNT,UPS ,FEDEX)

if the order quantity is not too much and need urgent,we usally send by fast express.

by fast express delivery to your door (DHL fedex UPS TNT ARAMEX etc) usually 4~8 days arrive.the delivery time is not certain because the items surpass 600 USD value will stay in customs for some days,if the buyer do not pay tax in time,it will have extra fee for storge and of course it will extand the delivery time.

if we mark it under 600 USD sample ,it will delivery in time for the small value goods may pass customs directly by DHL FEDEX or UPS.and no tax and other fees need to pay.

by air is similar as fast express,but it is to air port ,not to door.
it cheaper than fast express and it fits for larger order than fast express.

by sea ,
it is cheapest and slowest delivery time suits largest order.please read another artical in our website.

6.confirm the voltage and plug with or without logo(buyer can add their logo if large quantity)

7.send us the delivery address.consignee name,company name ,tax ID ,telehpone.

8:we issue profoma invocie ,which have our company bank account.and all the items' detailed included.

9.buyer to make payment as the profoma shows
please don't make mistake when make bank transfer,because one letter miss or mistake,it need modification in your bank and spend extra money and time.

10,we start produce for you as the profoma showing.the producing time

11.we send out orders with all documents such as (certificate of conformity of each device,CE,invocie ,packing list by Email or go with device),we give your tracking NO> on the fast express 's website it can track.

12.goods arrive your customs.forwarder call you and teach you how to do next.
if samples they will make it delivery and collect money in your door.

13.finally you got goods ,check the device,please do not try to use without reading user manual ,it may broken the device.
14.please keep the factory item code(this is one of a kind code in your machine for future service).

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